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About us

We believe in looking at your entire business portfolio from an intellectual property perspective. Whether it's patents, trade marks or designs you need help with, we will be able to assist.

We like to take a collaborative approach. We won't come to you with preconceived ideas of what should be done. Rather, we will act as an integral part of your team, drawing on your knowledge to improve our understanding of what you want to achieve. We'll ask questions, listen carefully to your answers and work closely with you to plan the best course of action.

IP matters can often be complex. We think it's important to give clear and simple advice so you know exactly where you stand. What's more, unlike some of our competitors, we are not afraid to recommend a particular course of action if we think it's right for you.

If your needs are within the UK, we have offices in Birmingham, Liverpool and London. If you're looking further afield, we have an office in Munich.  If you need help or advice in other countries, don't worry - we have excellent relationships with a wide network of trusted associates, around the globe, many of whom we visit on a regular basis.