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What we do

Applying for any sort of IP protection for the first time can be daunting. We can help you navigate the complex system of legal formalities you enter into. We will advise you on the level of cover you need and what you can realistically expect to obtain, bearing in mind what your competitors are doing or what has previously been disclosed.

Looking closely at the technologies involved in your product or service, we'll advise you how best to protect them in front of the appropriate authority. We will also make sure that the many legal requirements of any application are fully complied with.

Applying for protection can sometimes be a long and drawn-out process. We will keep a close eye on the progress of your application, making sure that deadlines are met and that requests for further information are dealt with promptly.

Sometimes, simply having protection in place is not enough. Should you have to defend your rights before any one of a number of specialised courts, either in the UK or in other countries, we can help. Wherever we can, we will represent you directly. Alternatively, we can draw on a network of other firms of professionals, and work with them, as a team.