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Brexit - The UK’s referendum to “Remain” or “Leave” the European Union (EU) – implications for our clients
23 June 2016 by Lloyd Hoarton

On 23rd June, 2016 the UK population vote to "Remain" in the EU or to "Leave" the EU.  What would the two results mean for clients of Forresters?

Forresters has positioned itself with offices in the UK and Germany and staff from around the world, including non-UK EU citizens, to continue to represent our clients' interests. 

The EPO and the EPC are independent of the EU so Forresters European Patent Attorneys continue to file and represent clients before the EPO irrespective of the referendum result.

In short, clients of Forresters are well-insulated from a "Leave" vote and can expect to perceive little change from the present situation.

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