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Managers & Business Support

John Blatherwick - Head of Finance

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It's my job to manage the whole of the finance function of the business to help enable it to run smoothly and efficiently within predetermined financial constraints.

Aga Gabarczyk - Records Team Manager

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I recently joined Forresters and my job is to manage, support and train members of Records and Renewals teams across all our offices. I have over ten years of IP support experience both in Trade Mark and Patents. 

Judy Gardner - Marketing & Business Development Manager

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I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA Combined Honours Degree in French and German, which included a year's study in the beautiful southern German town of Freiburg. 

Gareth Hughes - IT Manager

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I am the IT Manager for Forresters based in London with a small team of staff. I am also the database administrator for the company.


Graham Newman - Records Systems Manager

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It's my job to manage the in-house IP database 'Inprotech' and support the records/formalities teams in Birmingham, Liverpool and London. Our database is constantly being updated and I need to ensure our data is reliable. I also work closely with the partners and associates, monitoring procedures and work flows.