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I can't praise Forresters enough for the way they have handled our IP over the past 5 years... top drawer!

qoutation marksDave Jones, Cavern City Tours

Trade marks

Trade marks and branding play an important role in establishing product awareness and customer loyalty in today's competitive market. While they may often appear to be simple marketing tools, the process involved in their establishment, use, registration and maintenance can be complex.

We can assist you with all aspects of trade marks and branding, from the creation and selection of new brands, to their protection and enforcement. We have expertise in:

  • advising whether a trade mark can be registered
  • conducting searches in the UK and abroad to alert you to any possible problems in obtaining registration, or in using your mark
  • trade mark portfolio management including advising in relation to branding strategies and consolidation programmes
  • filing and prosecuting trade mark applications
  • contentious matters including opposition and cancellation actions, and negotiating settlement agreements in such matters
  • renewing existing trade mark registrations
  • advising in respect of infringement and passing-off matters
  • providing and advising in respect of watch services, including competitor watches
  • IP due diligence
  • drafting assignment agreements and recording ownership and other changes
  • licensing of trade mark and other IP rights
  • domain name disputes and taking action against domain name registrations or website content that infringe your rights

We can advise you in respect of your trade mark and branding requirements in the UK, the European Union and across the world through our extensive network of trusted associates. We take a practical, commercial approach to all matters and are focussed on providing clear advice to assist you in protecting, enforcing and maintaining your trade mark rights.